We build high-end pools that you’ll be happy with now and for years to come. Our decades of experience with pool maintenance has given us unique insight into the lifespan of pools. We will design your pool with you in mind.

Poolside About Wild Styles

The Wild Crew

With over 25 years in the pool industry, our team knows what it takes to create beautiful, long-lasting pools. The only thing that lasts as long as our pools are the relationships we’ve built with our customers. We value personal relationships over a dollar amount. Designing and building pools isn’t a quick process, so our team becomes like a temporary family. We are with you from design to your first cannonball.


From Desert Shag to Summer Fab!

We design pools based around you, the owner. This means that you will get an appealing, user-friendly, efficient and high-quality pool that is easy to maintain. If you are shopping for the lowest price, we are not a good fit for you. The lowest price often means a pool with inadequate equipment, leading to more money spent later on. We build pools right the first time.


Wild Style Pool